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No matter what age your pet is, feeding philosophy you follow, format you subscribe to, or solution you may require along the way — Performatrin has you covered. Always.

Feeding for lifecycle

Change isn't always easy, but it can be. Ease them into the next stage with minimal stress.

Delicious dietary solutions to satisfy every life stage, health concern, and picky eater.

Puppy / kitten
Adult Pet
Senior Pet

& Kittens

After nursing, both puppies and kittens must consume enough nutrients to promote optimal growth and development while limiting the risk of future diseases and obesity.


Our targeted puppy & kitten recipes are rich in fats and protein for growth and energy, and contain the right balance and amounts of minerals, vitamins, DHA, calcium, and phosphorous to support your furbaby's optimal growth.

The best food for:
Puppies & Kittens

Feeding for activity level

From couch potatoes to olympic zoomie medalist, match their food to their energy level

A tasty variety to support the daily lifestyles of energy balls and loveable lap loungers.

Small Dogs
Medium Dogs
Large Dogs


(< 20lbs)

Our small breed kibble is packed with energy-dense foods to keep up with your pup's higher metabolism. It contains extra antioxidants, such as vitamin C and E, to help keep them healthy and active even in their senior age.


Smaller dogs usually reach maturity and are ready for adult food earlier, typically ~8-11 months. Switching their food gradually and monitoring their intake is important to prevent them becoming overweight, causing health and mobility implications.

The best food for:
Small Breed Dogs

Feeding diet

It's no joke, we are passionate about food that makes them drool followed by a firm stool

No two pets are the same. Choose a complete and balanced diet that satisfies their needs

Grains &
Complete &

Whole Grains
& Grain Free

If your pet has been diagnosed with a food allergy caused by grains, your vet may recommend a grain-free diet, similar to gluten-free diets for humans with gluten intolerance or celiac.

Grain-free is not always the answer, but for most pets, grains are actually a source of beneficial nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. If your pet does not have allergies, a sensitive stomach, or dietary restrictions, balance their diet with wholesome grains to live a longer, healthier life.

The best food for:
Whole Grains & Grain Free

Problem Solving

Powered by science, explore solution feeding to address and protect your pet's health and needs

Our pet nutrition experts focus on helping you combat problems from weight control to sensitive skin

Wholesome, simple and purposeful ingredients you can understand

for dogs  |  for cats

Preventative formulas, maintenance diets & targeted solutions

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Holistic whole foods nutrition for whole body health & wellness

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